Saturday, June 26, 2010

Following the Leader Wherever She May Go

I think I have a blogging pet peeve. It was bound to happen I guess, because I have pet peeves in just about every other area of life, but I’m still kind of bummed.

Ya’ll know that I love Friday Follows. But I hate it when people don’t actually do a post and then participate in Friday Follows.

How am I supposed to know if I like your blog if the only thing it says is – It’s Friday!! Follow Me!!

And very closely related to that is the people who don’t even read the blogs and comment something like – I’m from Friday Follow, follow me back!!

I might follow you back, but probably only if a) you’re a frequent commentator on my blog and/or b) I actually like your blog.

Because if your blog is all about fun crafts you can make out of toilet paper rolls, then I probably will not return the follow for no reason.

I’m thinking maybe it’s time for Fawk You Friday.


Miss Nikki said...

Fun crafts with toilet paper rolls... How bout fun crafts with barely used pieces of toilet paper? Would you follow that? Would you? Maybe some friday followers still don't get it? I'm still trying to figure it out. ALTHOUGH I did go and check out everybody who told me they were on my blog because of the follow thing and I did go check out their site... I still don't know if I'm following the rules.

I'm starting to get worried about the time invested in needed to follow all these blogs. Blogging is more about reading other blogs, and also it looks like blogging is all about convincing other bloggers how wonderful we are. Do you ever wonder about that?

I'm suffering from sun stroke... See y'a later Saturday stalker!

Christy said...

Please, please, please join us for Fawk You Friday. I love it and it was started for a good reason. And we should all have a real post when we are joining a hop. I'm with you on that. I don't know anything about the person or their blog if they don't truly participate.

Debbie said...

You are so right. I don't like getting those comments that are just "Hey, follow me." And I don't feel the least bit bad not following either.

Kelly said...

You should totally do Fawk You Friday!! It's awesome!!!

KLZ said...

Is there really a thing called Fawk You Friday? How have I not run into this yet?

Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh yeah!! Its on Boobies, Babies & a Blog. I think Christy did it last Friday..

Heather said...


I am following you! Follow me back!!

(Just kidding! Well, I am going to follow you)

I am new to this whole following thing, and I have noticed the same thing as you. On the links I have clicked, there is nothing special going on, or it's all about the giveaways. I have found a handful of new blogs to love that did actually post something worthwhile (like Kelly) which is why I am here.

Thanks for saying what I was thinking.

Miss Nikki said...

How do we find the Fawk you Friday thang?

Jennifer Juniper said...

Heather - thank you.. I'm pretty new too, but I'm loving my blog.. but I don't really care about the giveaways..

This is the address that hosts Fawk You Fridays, she does a lot of giveaways (grr) and I can't remember anything else, but its on there somewhere..