Thursday, June 24, 2010

I've Been Caught or How the Hell Am I Going to Talk My Way Out of This One??

**DISCLAIMER** I'm blogging from my phone & that doesn't usually work out very well for me. So please just forgive the massive typos & formatting issues.

I'm pretty sure I'm fucked. I mean I was a little fucked last week when I asked Bean to proofread the Father's Day post and he's all wait a second.. "Bean Bean The Magical Fruit", W.T.F.????? and then he had to go through and read every posting that even remotely mentioned him.

But Bean is smart enough to know that its his own damn fault. If he were religiously following my blog then he would have seen all the posts before ya'll did & objected (not that it would have done much good).

But now Mrs. #2 saw my other facebook profile.

Just to explain, I grew up with Mrs. #2 and we were very close as kids & then my cousin #2 fell for her & I convinced her to marry him (she's all blissfully happy, its good). But in the last few years she's gotten close to Amara and is all thinking that maybe Amara's right about me and our fight is all my fault and it pisses me off, because Amara has ALWAYS been a bitch, and I have always not been (at least not witho. ut. Provocation).

Anyway, so she found my new I-get-to-post-whatever-the-fuck-I-want-to facebook profile & friended me and is all why'd you get a new profile?????.

I want to say to be honest with her. I wanted to be able to say whatever I wanted. But then she'll wonder why she's not my friend and I'll have to tell her.

And I don't want to.

She picked the bitch. She couldn't drive 30 minutes to come to my birthday party or to my kids birthday parties, but she drives 4 1/2 fucking hours out of her way to stop in at the bitch's son birthday party to stay for 30 minutes.

Its pretty obvious who is more important to her.

So why is she making me answer this question?? Ugh.


Christy said...

Because she is a petty person who wants everyone else around her to cater to her and only her. She thinks she's the center of the universe.

Aunt Crazy said...

I say unfriend her, ignore her questions, and pretend that she doesn't exist in your world.

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Answer the question and then UNfriend her.
Want me to tell her for you?
People like that need a shot of reality.

Miss Nikki said...

I agree with Holly. Send Holly her way. I'm sure she'd be a kick-ass good protector.

But you see as my friend Eminem says "bitches they come they go". Time to let this bitch go. She's doing what they love to do which is to provoke in order to cause a bitch fight. Try just un-friending her and see what happens.

Good luck, you know you can always seek and rely on your support group of bloggers. We accept you unconditionally because it's what we want in return. Shit, I'm sounding all hallmarkish when I'm usually all flippant and bad ass. I'll blame it on the Booby who not only made me a kick-ass breakfast but did the dishes afterwards. *sigh*

Also, good luck with Bean!

KLZ said...

I say, ignore, ignore, ignore.

Jennifer Juniper said...

I think I'm going to - ignore that is.. as much as I would LOVE to have Holly explain some things to her it would piss off way too many people. So unless she follows up with a phone call or asks when I see her, I'm thinking its not worth it.

Thank you all so much.

Best Kept Secrets said...

I hate all the drama and avoid it as much as possible. I say forget her. Life is too short for stupid drama.

woman:confused said...

I vote for holly doing it too... even though I like Mrs #2 sometimes, I also sometimes think she's pretentious and I want to smack her. but if *I* were to do it then #s 1-8 wouldn't like me and that could have problems with Glass and... well...
I vote for Holly doing it.

although I did tell you to ignore it and pretend like you aren't on there a bunch and then set your privacy to where people can't find ya and stuff.