Friday, August 6, 2010

I've Got a Theory

And it’s not bunnies.

Actually, I have several theories.

One is about my new bloggy friend, Just Me.

See, I started getting comments from Just Me, and she was super nice. I mean her comments were so sweet, and funny and well thought out. It was like she knew me!! And I think I even followed her back to her blog and thought:

This is such a great blog!! Why am I not following this blog?!?! It’s just like a blog I would follow!!
As soon as I get home and on my real computer, I’m totally going to follow my nice new bloggy friend!!

And then my brain farted.

But this week I was organizing my gmail and making little labels for all the people that need labels, and I was sad.

Because my old bloggy friend, Christy, stopped commenting on my blog.

Did I piss her off??

Am I not funny anymore??

Did I not comment on her blog enough??

What happened??

So the next morning I went to her blog.

And you know what?? Just Me hijacked Christy's blog!!

So I sent Just Me a message. And you know what?? They're the same person. Christy still loves me.

Yes, I was born blonde.

Another one of my theories is that Miss Nikki and I would be best friends if we ever really met in person.

Actually, I think that Miley shares this theory with me.

We love Miss Nikki. We think she is the bees knees.

I think that if she came to Texas I might have to gently break it to her that I’m not a lesbian. Because she would love me THAT much.

Ok, maybe not that much.

But she would definitely not be going back to whatever not Texas place it is that she lives in.

Booby would just have move his ass to Texas with her.

Oh, and I agree with her that Booby and Bean would be best buds. But it kind of disturbs me, because both of their blog pseudonyms kindof sound like baby comfort items.. and together they really do, so maybe not.

My last theory is that a South Texas Blogger Party would be fun.

I’m totally ganking this idea from Bluzdude. He had a Darwinfishfry and posted pictures and it looked like a blast.

So my theory is that if we had a South Texas Blogger Party (only good God, someone has to come up with a better name than that) it would be a riot, almost literally, since I'm pretty sure that all the Texas blogs I read are written by at least sorta insane loud women.. so there might have to be a bond collection and some designated bail posters.

Except that I’m a mousy, quiet, annoying thing in person. Miley, however, she’s exactly like she is on her blog.


Flufferwuffer said...

Okay, I just have to say, that I believe I totally got the "And it's not bunnies" reference you opened with. It made me happy inside. But I'm not going to mention the reference because if I'm wrong, I'll feel like a total loser.

Also, I have to say that I'm generally the same...over the net I seem like a generally outgoing person, but in real life I tend to be a super-shy girl who only gets invited to stuff because her boyfriend kicks ass (seriously...everyone loves BigJones).

If I had the money for airfare, I would totally go to a South Texas Blogger Party! But a North Dakotan trashing a Texas party just seems horribly wrong to me. So I'll stay put :)

Cheap Geeks Anonymous

Aunt Crazy said...

I'm in for a Texan Blogger Party...but be warned, I'm loud, I talk with my hands, and I cuss soooooo basically, I'm totally fun unless you don't like loud cussing, then flick off cuz I didn't wanna be your friend anyway, but I don't me YOU JJ, I mean anyone else, cuz I know you and I will get along JUST FINE...for the love of Dr.'s gonna be a PARTAY!!!

-MissC* said...

I like "Just Me" too. Her comments are pretty snazzy! And her and I have the same layout kinda. We feel like twinnys!

Sarah R said...

I love your posts!!! You seem so fun, and we have a lot in common.

I do have some personal stress in my life right now which is why I've been absent the past two weeks. I hope to get back into the swing of things too!

Christy said...

I can see that JJ is having a blast today. Oh the possibilities of a blog party. Wish I was a little closer. Maybe one day. And thanks for talking about me. LOL. At least it isn't behind my back. That makes you on a completely different plane than the stalker. You're awesome!

bluzdude said...

You should totally do the S Texas meet up!

We just did ours and I can't wait to do it again!

Miss Nikki said...

Christy stopped commenting on my blog too. I was afraid I had pissed her off as you also feared. But Just Me doesn't comment on my blog so... now my fear remains. Thanks for making me feel better about myself! :-/

And... I'm blushing though because you so talked behind my back but in a good bff way that it's awesome. No worries 'bout that lesbo factor y'all (getting ready for the Texas talk), I much prefer sausage to taco (quoting 50 First Dates).

Tell Just Me I miss Christy's comments!

♥Cari♥ said...


Crazy Brunette said...

LMAO!!!!! DO you NOT just fucking LOVE Christy???? She is my fucking fav bitch EVER!

woman:confused said...

OMFG - Aunt Crazy, you and I would be accidentally slapping each other with our hand talking and... I've made a sailor blush in the last week with some of the stuff that came outta my mouth. Jenn doesn't mind - like totally - as long as it's not in the vicinity of little old ladies or certain family members or babies. Well, sometimes babies are ok.

And our meet up can be called "Going South (and not in the lesbo way) Party"

Y'all, she's not really this quiet annoying mousy thing in person. I mean, well... OK, maybe she is. BUT, it's in the good way.

Who is Christy/Just Me? OMG, am I the one who is being left out of the "cool people" crowd?!

woman:confused said...

PS, Nikki - we DO love you.
And you would be all "omg, I WISH I loved tacos instead of sausage" because we are just that awesome.
Wait, did I insert myself into that we? YES I DID. Why? Cuz Jenn already told you I love you that much too.
Plus how I said I'd do you on my blog when I got that award.

Crap, I need to stop talking.

Miss Nikki said...

hahaha! oh blogworld... where have you been all my life?

Jennifer Juniper said...

See, I wasn't going to throw out that "we", even though I knew it was true.. I was trying to be all nice and stuff.

But yes, Nikki, we love you & talk about it all the time.