Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life With Bean

Bean was home this weekend, and I actually had my phone ready to record all the Beanisms that happen, so I thought I'd share..

  • I was reading Lazy to Lady and he was looking over my shoulder and suddenly yells out, "Are you looking at AK 47s so you can kill me?!?! ". You really have to actually look at her blog to see how funny this is, but really, it's pink and black and very girly, no AK 47s present.
  • He then started trying to further distract me from my blog reading by telling me how he has trouble pronouncing words when he reads them for the first time. You know like Yo se might and Peeneylope instead of Yosemite and Penelope.
  • If you're married to Lorena Bobbit yosemite be careful or you might get your peneloped.
  • Yes, he actually said that.
  • He also asked if I was going to blog about this.
  • And then he huffed and puffed about me making fun of him for awhile.
  • Then he said, "It's a good thing you have me around or you wouldn't have anything to blog about."
  • Because you know, he has 3 knees.


Just Me said...

I seriously wish someone would have these conversations with me. You have waaaaay more blog material than I do. This was great!

Miss Nikki said...

Bean and the Booby would get along. Maybe too much. Either that or they'd want to kill each other, you never know.

Dani said...

You know hubby and Bean would get frick and frack LMAO my hubby gets up every morning with a different song coming from his mouth!!

woman:confused said...

I LOVE Bean. I mean, not in the "i'm gonna steal your man" way, of course but I do truly love your hubby.

and... I know the facial expression AND the wrinkles by his eyes when he talked about lil miss lorena bobbit... I really should come hang out more.

Jennifer Juniper said...

He is absolutely adorable, isn't he?? And its almost the same exact expression that Oliver gets when he points to a beach ball and says "Hey Mom, how do you like my ball??"

woman:confused said...

Which.. oliver's comment would just be SO much more funny coming from Bean...

Jennifer Juniper said...

Lol.. but Bean laughs his ass off over it.