Sunday, August 22, 2010

Things I Don't Know..

I'm not an unintelligent person.

I mean, yeah, often I'm a little daft, or a whole lot naive, but I'm not stupid.

However, there are some things I don't know.

  • What #whatever means on Twitter.
  • What alot of stuff means on Twitter, really.
  • How to use Twitter, what exactly am I supposed to post??
  • Why people think that I'm such a bitch. I'm not, but when they think I am, it makes me want to be.
  • How to train a dachshund without killing it.
  • How to redo my blog layout.
  • How to make a button.
  • How to make a facebook badge.

I'm not sure that I'm necessarily looking for answers here, though if you have them, and want to share, go for it, I'm not complaining..

I'm just feeling very medicated recently and therefore more ditsy and crazy and exhausted than normal, if that's at all possible.

And really, this is about all my mind processes on most days - things I don't know..


Sarah R said...

I don't even Twitter -- does that make me a twat?

LOL, there are seriously a lot of things I don't know, even though I am pretty computer literate. I don't even know what a Facebook badge is! LOL...

bluzdude said...

I just redid my blog layout (here on Blogspot) by going into the settings and playing with different templates. It shows you what your blog will look like, without actually making the changes until you click {Apply}.

Just jump in and play with it... you can't hurt anything...

Can't help much with the rest... I'm not on Twitter either, although I may explore in the near future.

Judie said...

Actually, I AM a bitch. I am also ditzy and crazy and more exhausted than normal, and I am not even medicated. I know absolutely nothing about Twitter, nor do I care to. Lately, it's all I can do to keep up with my own blog. I think we all get this way some time.

Christy said...

Making buttons can be a bit difficult, but it can be done. I also agree with bluzdude, who is AWESOME, on just diving in with the redo. It can be frustrating but I've learned A LOT from doing that.

woman:confused said...

to me twitter is like a one way facebook. You just babble and people are supposed to be interested in your babblings but they don't get to yap back in your face.

I'm not a bitch either. Except when I get played. I'm not a fan of that and that does make me a bitch. But you knew that already.

I redid my blog by just doing crap on there... like Bluz. His still looks WAY better than mine, even if I did tell him to widen his words.

I made a facebook badge the other day. Except... then I said "screw it".

Don't feel bad. I don't even know how to "grab a button" to participate in crap like you do. OR how to turn off the "noreplycomment" stuff aunt crazy talks about...

-MissC* said...

I can help with the Facebook badge!

Miss Nikki said...

well, the badge thing is easier than it appears (if you have about 3 hours to waste) you can go to my blog and copy the html code under my grab-a-badge thing and just change what you need to change (that's how I did it) you'll need a photobucket account to host your image and the rest is all about designing your new badge...

twitter: join the club, i am absolutely lost there! BUT last night I had 2 beers and logged in and felt right at home (coincidence? i think not)

blogger has loads of new background options. loads. and you can totally play with the lay-out and stuff... and they're not all cuuuuute and scrapbook momish if you know what i mean... like the bluzdude says, play with it just don't click on apply before you're ready

people think you are a bitch because you say what you think, stick to it it'll keep the annoying people away, it's like spraying some deep woods off to keep the flies at bay

train a daschund without killing it? i think i just found the real answer to the previous question

facebook badge, I'm not there anymore but it was a easy simple option...

and although you didn't ask here's the answer to what my fave candy bar is: fruit & nut DARK chocolate...

Jennifer Juniper said...

Haha!! 1 Down. How many to go??

Sara said...

Isn't it oddly empowering when someone thinks you're a bitch?

I moved to the South and was told that I'm "aggressive."

In the North, I'm a doormat.

Fuck it. I'm moving to Canada.

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

I can make you a button if you give me the picture you want to use.. just hit me up at my email addy posted on my blog. Other than that.. I got a big stinkin pile of nothing.. OH except to say .... I dont think you are a bitch.

Cecelia Winesap said...

That's so funny. I don't know ANY of that either!

Candance said...

I'm totally a bitch and, while it probably makes others a little sad, it makes me very, very happy.

If you figure out the button thing, holla.

Aunt Crazy said...

I relish being a bitch when necessary and sometimes I do it just because I fucking can, so there HA!!! It's fun times with me!

I don't twitter...

Dani said...

I will go chronologically HAHAHHAHA

1. #whatever is a hashtag thread on Twitter like a very basic meme. When you want to say "whateva" to something you post it on twitter and make sure to put #whatever so that others can follow the thread. For example: Old guy farted in front of me in the grocery line and blamed it on me #whatever

2. Anything with a # is a hashtag thread, meaning that the word directly after the # is the main topic. There are numerous threads. Anything with @ is a comment about a twitter account name. For example: @JenniferJuniper #whatever about you bein' ditsy.
This can be interpreted as a direct comment to you and participating in the #whatever thread. I havent been on Twitter in a while so anything else just ask and I can explain :)

3. You can post anything up to 150 characters. You can get a shortened url for your blog posts and post on twitter the title of the post and the shortened url. You can say hi to others on twitter. comment on others posts. Link to your recommended readings (blogs you like)...anything you wanna share

4. I hate being called a bitch. The only people that call me that are my family....hubby and son. No wonder I am to them....everyone else loves me and I dont have to fit into the roll that they have made for me. By calling me a bitch, you allow me to take that roll and RULE IT. So to the people calling you a bitch....say I am now that you labeled me one, that allows me to be one :)

5. I am going to have to sell my dog because I dont have the patience to train it. The real question here is how do you train a kid without killing it?! LOL

6. I write HTML with css and XHTML.....You only need to provide the ideas.

7. We have discussed this also LOL If you need refreshing, see number 6.

8. As far as a FB badge, I am unclear as to what you are looking for. Do you mean the profile pic for FB? If you do, when you get your button just assign that pic as your profile pic. Also there are programs on facebook to create your own gifting application also :) I have done that and it is great fun. You can also set up Fan Pages and post badges and buttons there. It works a lot like a have to have the code (which I can write or teach you to write).

P.S. I am thinking about teaching classes online about how to write HTML with css and XHTML. It will start from the very beginning....explaining EVERYTHING. What do you think?